Music Box Dance and Bananadrama (Music Box) – Privacy Notice

Music Box is registered with the Data Protection Commissioner (Registration 12514) in line with the requirements of the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2017. This law supersedes the Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 2001 and imposes additional requirements to align with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) which is an EU Directive that came into force on the 25th May 2018. One of these additional obligations is to provide a privacy notice which informs our customers how we will handle any personal data that we process. 

Collecting Data

What Information Do We Collect and Why? – In addition to recording the names of students and their parents, Music Box will collect the following data for the following purposes:

a) Email and postal addresses: to enable invoices and other written communication to be sent out by email or post to customers;

b) Mobile and/or landline telephone numbers: to telephone or text parents and students when required;

c) Details of any current medical conditions for students: to ensure that Music Box staff can react appropriately in the event of any issues arising from such medical condition during classes and events;

d) Date of Birth: to allocate students to the correct year group class.

Data is also used to maintain an accounting record for each customer on a proprietary accounting system. (Currently ‘Quickbooks Online’).

How Is It Collected? –Data will be collected from the information provided by customers on the Music Box Enrolment Form. No other data in respect of the customer will be retained by Music Box. Updates to data on this form can be received by email. There is no other method of Music Box collecting data. Verbal or text updates will need confirmation by the customer sending an email to

By completing an enrolment form, each parent and student is consenting to Music Box retaining the data for the purposes stated above.

It is incumbent on the customer to ensure that the data provided to Music Box is current and up to date – particularly in respect of medical conditions. Failure to notify Music Box of any changes to medical conditions could result in Music Box claiming compensation in certain circumstances.

Data Sharing – Music Box will not share any data with any other entity. This includes not providing any contact details of a customer to any other Music Box customer.

Retention Period – Music Box will retain data on record for such period until the customer has served notice (or has been served notice) to leave Music Box and has completed the notice period. At that time, the Quickbooks customer record will be made inactive and the enrolment form will be destroyed. Transactions relating to such customers will be retained until the current year-end audited accounts have been produced.

Right to Withdraw Consent – Each customer has the right to request Music Box to provide a copy to them of the entirety of the personal data held by Music Box at any time. Each customer has the right to request that their personal data is deleted from Music Box records at any time. Such request will

be considered as a request to serve notice and whilst the personal data will be removed at the earliest opportunity, fees will be payable until the end of the formal notice period.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) – Music Box has appointed Mr Anthony Keith Peter Mitchell as the Data protection officer for Music Box. All queries on data protection issues are to be addressed to him.

Data Breaches – Should any customer believe that Music Box is guilty of allowing his or her personal data to be accessed by or transferred to third parties, they should immediately inform the Music Box DPO who will instigate a breach procedure and where appropriate report such breach to the office of the Guernsey Data Protection Commissioner.

Images – Music Box may wish to use images of a student for publication on the website or in an advertisement for a dance or drama performance. Similarly, Music Box will usually arrange to record and film dance or drama performances for release as a DVD. By completing an enrolment form the customer is consenting to allow the person named on the enrolment form to be filmed or photographed for these purposes.

June 2020

Personnel and responsibilities of Music Box

Music Box Dance and Bananadrama is a family owned Partnership, The partners are;
Mr Anthony Mitchell
Miss Eleanor Mitchell
Mr Peter Mitchell

The above named persons constitute the Board of Directors and collectively agree the strategy and direction of the dance school and drama business including the terms and conditions for those attending classes. The Partnership is legally obliged to retain public liability insurance cover which it does to a limit of £2,500,000 through Policy no: 3187340 insured by NFU Mutual.

The responsibility and liability of Music Box, its employees and assistants for the safeguarding and welfare of attendees is limited to the duration of classes and performances only. The liability for the welfare of students outside of these times is with the attendees themselves and/or their parents/guardians.

Music Box employees and assistants will not administer medication or treatment to any attendees during classes unless in an emergency and under the direction of a parent/guardian/medical officer.

Responsibilities of Students and Parents/Guardians

It is the duty of all parents/guardians or attendees to do the following:

Medical Matters

1. Indicate on an enrolment form the extent of any known medical condition – diagnosed or observed – which may impact in any way whatsoever on the activities being undertaken in classes. Such disclosure should also indicate what medicines are being taken and what basic first aid response is appropriate should the need arise. Such conditions to include hypermobility issues.

2. Inform any of the above named partners of Music Box if an attendee has acquired any health issues not noted on the enrolment form or if there has been any change to the conditions or medication noted since the enrolment form was originally signed. Music Box reserves the right to ask an attendee and/or parent/guardian to seek medical guidance for any issue arising from observations made during classes.

3. Sign a disclaimer absolving Music Box of any responsibility for any harm or injury befalling any attendee as a result of a pre-diagnosed or observed medical condition whether noted on an enrolment form or not.

Delivery, Attendance and Pick Up

4. Ensure that a responsible adult delivers the attendee to classes and picks them up directly after the class has finished.

[Where appropriate and depending on any admitted medical condition or as a result of behaviour issues, Music Box can insist that a responsible adult is available during the entire duration of the class in order to remove an attendee who for any reason may be disruptive to the class.]

Music Box reserves the right to ask such attendees not to attend further classes.

5. In circumstances where the class is being taken by a third party teacher, Music Box would insist that parents of children with admitted medical issues remain available for the duration of the class.

6. Inform in advance any of the above named partners of Music Box if an attendee is unable to attend a class. Music Box reserves the right without having to refund any fees, to refuse entry to classes if attendees repeatedly miss classes without notifying Music Box.

7. Inform the class teacher if any child is likely to be picked up late. Music Box reserves the right without having to refund any fees, to refuse entry to classes if attendees are regularly picked up late by parents/guardians.

8. Present themselves or their children for all classes appropriately dressed and with hair tied back.


9. All students are eligible to join ‘groups’ for performance by invitation. There is no guarantee that all students will be invited to perform in such groups and this is at the discretion of the Music Box teacher with agreement from the board of directors.

10. In order to represent Music Box in festivals or other public performances, students will need to display the following attributes to be selected for performances:

– Good energy levels

– Commitment to classes and rehearsals

– Availability for all rehearsals

– Ability to prioritise Music Box activities above other demands/activities

– Good behaviour

– Ability to be part of a ‘group dynamic’

– Timeliness and appropriate appearance

– All class fees fully paid up

10. Where students are representing Music Box in festivals or any other public performance, they will maintain a level of discipline and good conduct on and offstage at all times so as not to damage the reputation or standing of Music Box.


11. It is the responsibility of attendees and/or their parents/guardians to inform Music Box of any circumstances that will affect their attendance at classes or rehearsals for performances.

Miss Ellie – 07781 400293

Mr Peter – 07781 430984

Code of Conduct – 2020